Show Me Logistics is your source for innovative supply chain solutions.
We are big enough to supply any Logistics Service you need
but small enough to handle every customer service need on a personal level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work alongside our customer as a member of their team and not just as an outside service provider. We strive to help our customers be successful in their mission by matching their transportation needs with the best available solution for every shipment.

We leverage our combined 40 plus years experience and the industry’s latest technologies to optimize our customer’s logistics operations and support it with the very best customer support services available.

We provide solutions that will take your company to the next level operationally and at the same time increase profitability.

We hold ourselves accountable to exceed your expectations in every service offered and we are not satisfied unless every customer has had a positive experience with our business.

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Owners Robbie Brewer & Dave Ausbury

The Show Me Difference

Cutting Edge Technology

While other logistics companies are providing antiquated technology services, we provide the latest in cutting edge technology that gives you visibility to your supply chain from purchase order creation to the paid shipping invoice and proof of delivery. In today’s ever evolving market, you can trust us to provide the latest technology to make your supply chain efficient and cost effective.

Industry Leading Customer Service

We have an advantage over our competition by providing the very best Customer Service available in the industry. We are big enough to supply any Logistics Service needed but small enough to handle every customer service need on a personal and professional level.

Professional Experience

Experience is the difference. We are a passionate team with over 40 years of combined experience in the logistics and transportation industry. We know what we’re doing and it’s evident in the quality of our services. We have hands on experience in every role in the logistics process including shipper, receiver, carrier, warehouser, transportation technology developer and provider.

Your One-Source Solution


We are a passionate team with over 40 years of combined experience in the logistics and transportation industry.
We know what we’re doing, and it is evident in the quality of our services. These services include:

Air & Ocean

If you’re shipping goods internationally, you cannot afford mistakes or delays. Whether by sea or by air, we can get your goods delivered to all of the major commercial destinations on time and cost effectively. Through our relationships with multiple international transport carriers, our specialized industry experience and our full-scale tracking options, your freight will get delivered safely and punctually—without fail.


Depending on the lane, Intermodal can provide tremendous savings versus over road. Due to recent agreements between rail companies, service times have been reduced where on some lanes it is competitive with truckload and can provide similar service. Through our relationships with the major railroads, along with a large number of ready-to-use containers, our intermodal services are the golden standard in the industry. The longer the haul, the more attractive our intermodal system.

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

If you have smaller shipments, our Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service can save you money. We have carrier relationships with prenegotiated rates that can go to work for your company immediately. We also have the ability to negotiate rates specifically for your company with every top LTL carrier. We will review your shipping needs and select the best solution for your company and our technology solutions will provide full visibility to your shipments from origin to destination.


We want to get your truckload goods delivered secure and on-time, and we have the aligned capability and skills to get this accomplished. Our evolving and diverse carrier relationships allow us to dependably haul your dry or refrigerated goods across the United States, Canada and Mexico. We also have flatbed and specialized cargo equipment for overweight, over-sized, and more dimensionally challenging jobs. Our top-line industry knowledge, carrier network and technology guarantees reliability, flexibility and visibility.

Dedicated Dispatch

We take the back office management of your trucking company off of your hands. Our dedicated dispatch service acts as a strong support system for trucking businesses. We keep your wheels running by taking care of the business behind the scenes. Instead of constantly pursuing and bidding on freight loads or dealing with different brokers, you can spend time keeping your trucks on the road and making money. Efficiency is all-important, and we help to execute your back office operations smoothly and flawlessly, so that you can save time and drive down costs.

Materials Management

We have the capacity to handle your warehousing and storage needs. Along with our offsite warehousing, we offer completely transparent product inventory, receiving, order fulfillment and shipping services. The combination of our expansive storage facilities and our transparent tracking options will help to drive down overhead costs and will enhance the speed and flow of your supply chain. From basic warehousing and inventory management, to full-fledged and highly customized storage and distributions requirements, we have you covered.

Logistics Consulting

The terrain of the transportation and logistics industry is ever-evolving. As time moves on, there are greater demands and pressures for more efficient and effective systems and infrastructure. We help supply chains to meet those demands by navigating the shifting terrain. Show Me’s expert team members and comprehensive tools will help you evaluate your Supply Chain’s true needs. From the initial purchase order to the final delivery, we can help to make your Supply Chain more transparent and manageable. We want to help you build a successful and fully functional operation.

Order Fulfillment Products

Our mission with Show Me Order Fulfillment Products is to extend our shipping knowledge by offering products that help simplify your supply chain. Our fulfillment products are designed to meet your packaging solution needs. By offering these products, we can simplify your ordering process through our technology based ordering/reordering system resulting in more productive and reliable order fulfillment processes for your customers.


Technology Systems

One of the biggest roadblocks in the industry is the planning and execution of beginning-to-end systems, while maintaining communications with third-party supply chain carriers and partners.

Companies are constantly being pressured to streamline their operations, keep their pipeline active, reduce costs and augment visibility. Show Me Logistics’ industry-leading technological solutions accomplish all of those things. Our software, in combination with our knowledgeable experts, will meet the specific needs of your company. Our adaptable and flexible technology will collaborate with you to tighten the flow of your supply chain. Our Transportation Management System (TMS) is the perfect platform that can be tailor made to keep your logistics management running smoothly.

Freight Bill Auditing

Freight audits are absolutely essential when trying to manage your supply chain’s cost. The combination of freight shipping costs, complicated contract terms, and freight billings missteps and discrepancies can be critical. A small error can easily cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars. If you want to reduce costs, while also improving the transparency of your supply chain operation, then you need expertly delivered freight bill auditing services. Our technological solutions ensure that every freight bill is audited before carrier payment is made and the customer invoice is created. We handle any freight bill discrepancies that can be caused by a reweigh, reclassification or accessorial additional charge.


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